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Motorised Stages
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Types Of Motorised Actuator

Reliance Cool Muscle Stage

Linear Rail Actuator

The Reliance Cool Muscle Stage (RCMS) combines the high speeds and programmability of the Reliance Cool Muscle Motor with the accuracy and reliability of a leadscrew driven linear slide. The RCMS is available with two different motor sizes and in a wide range of travel lengths and leadscrew and carriage configurations.

High performance proprietary polymers and TFE coatings extend the life of the moving parts.

Constructed with a precision aluminium guide and carriage and driven by a precision rolled stainless steel leadscrew.

Linear Rail


Linear Rail Actuator

The Reliance Linear Rail Actuators combine linear accuracy and reliability of a screw driven linear slide with a robust lightweight aluminium rail, giving high axial end to end stability and precise motion system accuracy. 

Ideally suited to low speed and shorter strokes than the RCMS, the Reliance Linear Rail Actuators provide modest load carrying capacity in pitch, roll and yaw. 



Reliance is able to develop bespoke solutions to suit individual requirements.

Bespoke motorised actuators are based on our range of catalogue components and assemblies, together with housings and fittings manufactured by Reliance in the UK and Ireland. 

We are able to offer design engineering support to help develop an appropriate assembly, bringing knowledge and experience from working in a variety of industries and applications.

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Motorised Actuator Range

Reliance Cool Motion Stage

Reliance Cool Muscle Stage - Size 17

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Reliance Cool Motion Stage

Reliance Cool Muscle Stage - Size 23

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Linear Rail Actuator

Linear Rail


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Motorised Actuator Features

Simple and Compact

Reliance Motorised Actuators are designed around standard products and therefore provide reliable movement in the smallest possible space envelope, for example the Reliance Cool Muscle Stage Size 17 is available with lengths of 1m and a width of only 51mm. Also the direct drive without coupling on the Linear Rail Actuator provides the shortest possible inline length.

Full Closed Loop System

Coupled with a Reliance Cool Muscle motor, Motorised Actuators can use the integrated controller and high resolution magnetic encoder to provide a full closed loop position system. For more information see the Reliance Cool Muscle. Please note Linear Rail Actuators do not include this option. 

Closed Loop System

High Speed

Reliance Cool Muscle Stage provides the highest speed with a maximum of 1270mm/s on P/No: RCMS17L-1000.

Lubrication Free

All Reliance Motorised Actuators are either lubricated for life or designed with proprietary polymers and coatings to provide lubrication free actuation. Additional lubricants should not be applied.

High Resolution

Using a Reliance Cool Muscle Motor set to 50,000 pulses per revolution the following resolutions can be achieved:

RCMS P/No: RCMS17L-M02 may achieve 0.00004mm/step

Miniature Actuator P/No: RCMRPA may achieve 0.00008mm/step

Low Backlash

Reliance Motorised Stages are low backlash as standard. For example a typical RCMS accuracy is shown below:

RCM Backlash Graph

Advanced Motion Network

Reliance Motorised Actuators utilising the Reliance Cool Muscle motors, allow multiple units to work in sequence, either to produce circles, ellipses or complex arc motions in a daisy chain network such as 'pick and place' machines. These stages can be safely operated entirely on their own or communicate via RS232, RS484, Ethernet or Profibus driving from their own memory banks or dynamically from a PC or HMI.

For simpler applications the Racktuator is easily integrated with a standard stepper motor drive being driven either step and direct or with CW/CCW pulses.

Suitable Applications

Reliance Motorised Actuators are a simple, cost effective method of providing linear motion in many different applications.

These range from scientific research, medical pick and place, semi-con positioning, factory automation to packaging machinery.

Examples include:

  • Y axis positioning in sample preparation equipment.
  • Production line pick and place. 
  • Rapid product handling.