Modified Products

How Can We Help You?

All of our products can be modified in a variety of ways. Modified Products can be anything from pre-loading a nut on a lead screw or machining an end feature of a shaft to an assembly of standard and modified products. Where additional bespoke features are required, we can offer an integrated solution.

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Much More Than A Standard Product Range

Our Sales and Engineering teams are well-equipped to suggest and facilitate any necessary modifications. Combined with our manufacturing facilities this enable us to provide a high level of versatility in our range with extensive modifications available.

Wherever possible we endeavour to work collaboratively with our customers, considering not only the technical specification but also the product’s suitability to the application and the implications of technical and commercial trade-offs. We have an in-depth understanding of our range, with dedicated product champions, enabling us to recommend the best modifications and solutions.

Modifications to Suit Your Application

We can offer a wide variety of modifications to our standard product range.

In our precision gears range we offer, for example, options in materials, gear quality, bore diameters, face widths and an extensive choice of teeth cut to order.

We can supply lead screws with custom end modifications and non-standard nuts in a range of materials. We can even pre-load torque ahead of delivery so that you don’t have to.

The Reliance Rack Actuator is a good example of a number of standard components integrated together in to a small sub-assembly to provide a reliable actuation system. This compact actuation system combines the Reliance Cool Muscle servo system with a rack and pinion drive to give precise linear motion for high speed applications. Read more about the Rack Actuator here.

Tested Products for Increased Reliability

Modified products and assemblies can be inspected and tested in our in-house test and metrology facilities. Where appropriate, we can even design custom test rigs and inspection processes to ensure you can be confident in what we deliver.