Integrated Solutions

As well as standard and modified products we can also supply integrated solutions

Do You Require an Integrated Solution?

We are able to develop Integrated Solutions, typically a more complex assembly or sub-system comprised of standard, modified and bespoke elements, for example, a motorised system with a machined housing or plate. For an integrated solution we offer further in-depth design engineering support which, together with our specialist manufacturing, assembly and test facilities, enables us to produce a wide range of custom-designed electro-mechanical, opto-mechanical, clean and high-vacuum solutions.

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A Collaborative Approach

We offer a high-level of support whether this is during the initial concept, product development or test and inspection stage of a project. We are flexible in how we work with our customers and it is important to us as a company that we understand your application so that we can understand where we ‘fit’ and how we can make the process easier for you. This can mean that we work with you to fulfill your requirements, but for others this can be a fully collaborative, problem solving approach where we work with a customer closely from initial concept to solution.

Integrated Solution Case Studies

We worked to develop an integrated solution for the bebionic prosthetic hand. This was a demanding application requiring high efficiency, high gripping force and low noise, to be achieved under tight space and weight constraints in order to give the patient the necessary dexterity, strength and practical wearability. You can read more about our involvement here.

We were able to develop a motorised X-Y stage to suit a customer requirement for a photo spectrometry application.

We developed a R Z Theta unit designed to be part of an automated microscope slide loading system. Precise motion control was required to navigate a bank of slides. This assembly is unusual in that both motors sit below the unit as opposed to one being on an axis.