Design, Manufacture and Test

Reliance Precision provides custom-built gears and geared systems for light actuation and feedback applications, quadrupole mass filters for use in molecular analysis, and a diverse range of electro-mechanical, opto-mechanical, clean and high-vacuum assemblies. These products are bespoke; designed and manufactured to specification. In addition, we undertake in-house research in order to develop technology platforms, specialist techniques and facilities, and to improve our processes. Platforms, such as our quadrupoles, are developed to further our understanding of specific areas of technology and can also provide building blocks for customer solutions by tailoring them to individual requirements Read more about our design, manufacture and test services.

“Price is important, but what’s essential is quality and attention to detail; outsourcing sub-assemblies to Reliance has been as near seamless as it could possibly be.”

Senior Buyer, Selex Galileo Ltd.

Quality and Value

Reliance Precision has a strong engineering culture and a commitment to upholding our company values of trust, integrity, quality and service. This drives our commitment to understand the application and operational context of any component or assembly we make. We believe that this, together with a full appreciation of our customers’ business objectives, will result in higher quality, better value products and services for our customers. We are always delighted to receive their positive feedback and support for the care that we take. Read more information on case studies of design projects we have been involved on.