Precision Ball Screws

Our range of miniature ball screws is designed to complement our precision linear motion products.

Precision Ball Screws

Miniature ball screws were added to our catalogue to complement our precision linear motion components. The range we offer (diameters up to 16 mm) are commonly used for precision positioning in semiconductor, scientific, medical instrument and metrology applications, and so are a natural, addition to the standard catalogue.

Manufactured by Steinmeyer, who are recognised for their leading-edge technologies and advanced techniques in the manufacture of ball screws. Using high quality materials and sophisticated manufacturing procedures they combine innovation, precision, quality, reliability and durability to create a highly precise, uniquely operating product.

For delicate applications requiring the lowest possible friction, Steinmeyer’s new optiSLITE technology can be applied. Through the use of innovative production technologies, the ball screws are optimised with smoother spindle surfaces for superior operation, providing a noticeable improvement in running characteristics, noise reduction and higher energy efficiencies.

As well as being able to purchase the new, high quality product, customers will also benefit from Reliance’s engineering design experience and knowledge, ensuring they have the right product for their application, with the reassurance it will perform accurately and reliably. Special versions for clean room applications or vacuum engineering are available upon request.

For more technical information, please visit the Steinmeyer website. If you would like more information please contact Reliance.

Steinmeyer ‘2020 Strategy’

Below is an extract from the June edition of Steinmeyer’s Newsletter. Read the full version: Fit for the future – Newsletter 1, June 2018

Dear Readers,


You are holding the very first Steinmeyer newsletter in your hands. Our reasons for sending you information this way are clear. The unprecedented economic upswing in the machine tools sector has led to a record backlog of orders in our company. Just the incoming orders in the first 5 months of this year have almost surpassed our turnover in 2017. Our backlog of orders, including orders received in the last quarter of 2017, now reaches into the second quarter of 2019. Unfortunately, this means undesirable delays in delivery times for you. What are we doing to address this? We have increased our output by 20% from mid-2017 to today. This was possible through process improvements in our production and increased external processing. It is of course clear that this is simply not enough. We are therefore reconfiguring our entire company to be process-oriented. Our name for this conversion to flow production is “Segmentation.“ The objectives are clear: Faster run-through times, better on-time delivery performance and significant productivity increases – all essential for the increased capacity that we need. We will not know until the results of this restructuring process 2019. But we wanted to involve you in this process with our current newsletter…

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