EtherCAT Cool Muscle Servo System

Product Overview

The Cool Muscle integrated servo system has been a premium, reliable product in the Reliance motion control range for many years. The company is pleased to announce an extension to the range, with the EtherCAT® compatible servo motors. EtherCAT® is a high speed, real time communication protocol that has the ability to update numerous devices in the microsecond range.

This makes it ideal for multi-axis synchronised control or in systems where a master is coordinating a large variety of devices such as sensors, motion axes, distributed IO, etc. The nema size 17 and 23 Cool Muscle motors are available with integrated EtherCAT® communication. All other models are available with the EtherCAT® Cool Muscle Bridge.


Features of the EtherCAT Cool Muscle Motors

  • Integrated servo system including 50,000 cpr encoder, sinusoidal vector drive and realtime controller (with full torque, speed and position control).
  • EtherCAT feature is available integrated or separately through the EtherCAT Bridge (which allows 4 standard motors to be linked).
  • A standardised protocol which can easily be implemented in systems using the EtherCAT interface.
  • The power of the driver and controller can be operated seperately, allowing for absolute position and increased safety.
  • Standard I/O (4 inputs/2 outputs). Additionally, the output is designed for an inductive load, meaning 1 Amp can be run directly from the output.
  • CSP, CSV, PP and CV motion profiles.

Catalogue Downloads

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