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Linear Guides and Slides

Low Friction Linear Motion

The Reliance range of precision linear slides and linear guides provides a variety of linear actuation solutions for loads up 12,580 N and with lengths in excess of 1 metre. The range includes miniature linear guides, stroke slides, roller slides, rack driven ball slides and linear rails, together with spline shafts which provide both linear and rotary motion.

Spline Shafts

Spline shafts are suited to light to moderate load applications, where low cost, low friction and long life are the primary design considerations. They provide anti-rotation for one axis motion or a drive mechanism for two axes of motion. The assembly consists of a stainless steel spline shaft (12L14 steel for the size 19 range) treated with low friction TFE coating together with a free-running or anti-backlash composite polymer bushing.

Shafts are available in diameters from 3.18 mm to 19.05 mm, with lengths up to 3,600 mm. Bushings are supplied with an integral brass collar to facilitate various mounting configurations without nut distortion. Spline shafts are offered with a wide range of options including alternative materials, end modifications, multiple bushings and bushing modifications. An anti-backlash assembly is available for applications requiring minimum torsional play.

Miniature Linear Guides

The miniature linear guides consist of a stainless steel rail with a unique re-circulating ball design in the carriage, which delivers smooth motion, low noise and high accuracy. The guides provide high levels of stiffness to enable the carriage to operate at higher speeds and with a 45º contact angle and a gothic profile design incorporated into the carriage, resulting in an equal load capacity in all directions, they provide high load and moment capacity. With their built-in lubrication reservoirs they provide an effective, low maintenance solution, further enhanced by specially designed seals to prevent dust and foreign objects from entering the system. 

Linear guides are available with 3 mm to 15 mm wide rails and lengths up to 870 mm, offered in standard sizes or custom lengths, with carriages available in a variety of widths and lengths. Options are available for both lubrication and seals, with different mounting options accommodated via tapped or counter-bored mounting holes, and options for accuracies and pre-loading of the bearings where additional stiffness and precision are required.

Reliance’s cut-to-length capability means that customers can order small quantities and samples for product trials or prototyping on a reduced lead-time. 

Miniature Stroke Slides

The miniature stroke linear slide offers a compact alternative to the linear guides for applications where a short stroke length is required, making it an ideal choice for a smaller space envelope. They are available in 7 mm to 12 mm wide rails and up to 100 mm length rails, providing up to 94 mm travel length. The stroke slides possess many of the same characteristics as the linear guides however there is no ball re-circulation, rather the balls roll on rails resulting in smooth motion, low friction and high accuracy without vibration.

The linear guides and linear stroke slides are ideal for use in a linear actuation system, used in conjunction with the Cool Muscle intelligent motor and leadscrews or rack and pinions, to provide stable, accurate load movement.

Ball and Cross Roller Slides

Ball and crossed roller slides provide very low friction linear motion in a compact package, with a high load carrying capacity, long life and high accuracy.  They are similar to the miniature stroke slides, but available with rails from 4 mm to 38.1 mm widths and up to 381 mm lengths.

The ball slides are also available in a rack driven configuration suitable for controlled motion with a rack and pinion drive system. Rack driven ball slides are ideal for measuring position, driving a mechanism, or both, and can be used at very high speeds and loads.

Linear Rails

Linear rails offer a low cost option for systems where light loads are used. The linear rails exhibit a minimal frictional drag and long wear characteristics. They consist of a stainless steel shaft and composite polymer bushing, available with shaft diameters from approximately 6mm to 19mm and lengths up to 3,600 mm.

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