Spline Shafts

Spline shafts are suited to light to moderate load applications, where low cost, low friction and long life are the primary design considerations. They provide anti-rotation for one axis motion or a drive mechanism for two axes of motion. The assembly consists of a stainless steel spline shaft (12L14 steel for the size 19 range) treated with low friction Kerkote TFE coating together with a free-running or anti-backlash composite polymer bushing.

The spline shafts are available in diameters from 3.18 mm to 19.05 mm, with lengths up to 3,600 mm. Bushings are supplied with an integral brass collar to facilitate various mounting configurations without nut distortion. Spline shafts are offered with a wide range of options including alternative materials, end modifications, multiple bushings and bushing modifications. An anti-backlash assembly is available for applications requiring minimum torsional play.

Kerkote TFE is a soft coating, a long-term dry lubricant that is optimised for softer plastics like acetyls and nylons, with or without mechanical reinforcement. Lubrication to the nut / spline shaft interface occurs by the bushing picking up Kerkote TFE particles from the coating as well as from the migration of the internal lubricant within the plastic.

Tubular spline shafts are also available, please contact our sales team for more information.

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