Bearing and Spacers

To complement and support the wider range of products available from Reliance we also offer a selected range of pre-load washers,  bearings and spacers included in the catalogue. This is by no means the full range of bearings we can offer, please contact our sales team to discuss your requirements.

Included in the standard range of bearings are; P4 bearings, bronze bearings and moulded bearings, all available plain or flanged.

Installation and Housing Considerations

The installation of a bearing will usually be determined by how it fits with its mating components. Interference or transition fits provide the most positive location of the bearing, however, they will require pressing during installation. Clearance fits allow the bearing to be assembled very easily, but could potentially lead to problems depending on the operating conditions. If a press fit is required, it is essential that no appreciable force is transferred through the rolling elements of the bearing during installation.

Special care must be taken when using bearings in aluminium housings, especially when wide temperature variations are expected. It is possible for the contraction of the housing to squash the bearing raceway and remove the radial clearance required for the bearing to operate.

Catalogue Downloads

Download our catalogue for more information on our range of bearings and spacers or alternatively, contact us.