Technical Innovation to Reduce Costs

An American aerospace company chose Reliance to work alongside its New Concept Department as part of a major cost reduction programme. The company urgently needed technical innovation within existing design constraints and Reliance was able to provide the necessary depth of specialist design expertise for a critical sub-system.

A multi-skilled, international team was established including design, commercial and project management functions from both companies. They worked as a single team, sharing a passion to succeed and break new ground, working together through concept development and detailed design. Reliance led the project management for the sub-system design, the prototype manufacture, and ultimately supplied a number of working sub-systems, fully tested to specification, with detailed performance data.

The company met its objectives, despite working against very tight deadlines, dictated by the wider programme, with the complexities of time zones and stringent confidentiality. It was able to push the technical boundaries of its design to prove a viable cost reduction roadmap and at performance levels which exceeded expectations. Having working prototypes, provided by Reliance’s manufacturing and assembly facilities, fully documented design details and test data, the company had a high level of confidence that their new design would work effectively┬áin-service.