Scope of Technical Expertise

Our main areas of engineering technical expertise are diverse but focus on precision instrumentation applications including:

Gearing for instrumentation, light actuation and ultra-short life applications

  • Measurement (encoder drive) gearboxes
  • Ring gears, azimuth/elevation and gimbal system design
  • Motor drive gearboxes
  • High stiffness, low backlash gearbox design
  • High performance epicyclic design
  • Gear ratings for fine pitch gears beyond conventional standards
  • Rotary to linear actuation devices

Specialist higher load actuation

  • Flight control surface actuation gearboxes
  • In-flight refuelling systems

Servo systems and subsystems

  • System modelling
  • Mechanical design
  • Control system design and optimisation
  • Electronics and hardware design
  • Embedded design techniques, packaging

High vacuum system design

  • Quadrupole mass filters
  • Ion optics
  • Ion sources
  • Actuation in vacuum, including XYZ stages and MALDI stages

Beam manipulation

  • Optical component integration into mechanical systems
  • Optical focusing mechanisms
  • Optical filter mechanisms
  • Laser beam manipulation systems

Design for challenging environmental conditions

  • Wide temperature ranges up to -60° / +250°C
  • Random, sinusoidal and mixed mode vibrations and shocks
  • Sealed unit designs
  • Sub-sea and high corrosion requirements
  • Zero maintenance for extended service (or pre-service) life