Apprentice Case Studies

Maegan Green

Current Apprentice

Maegan applied to the Reliance Precision Apprenticeship Scheme during the disruption of the Covid-19 pandemic. She was completing her school work from home and was aware that she would soon reach the end of her time at King James’s School. Not sure what she wanted to do next, she started to look into local businesses. Her grandparents knew people who had worked at Reliance and told Maegan that the company had a very good reputation. Online research led to her learning about the apprenticeship scheme and, liking what she read, she decided to apply.

Maegan readily admits she found the recruitment process tough as the Covid lockdown meant all stages had to be conducted online. She explains: “The initial interview was quite scary. It was the first interview I had ever done and because of Covid I hadn’t been able to do any practicing beforehand at school. The practical assessments were tricky under the conditions, but I managed to achieve the tasks requested in the time available.” Despite the challenges, Maegan was successful in securing a place on the 2021 intake.

She really enjoyed her first year in the Apprentice Training Facility. As a complete novice to engineering, she found the initial training invaluable in gaining a knowledge and understanding of foundation engineering skills. She also enjoyed her studies at Kirklees College and found the practical work at Reliance both helpful and complementary to her diploma.

Now in Year 2, Maegan is on a business wide rotation, experiencing a month in each department. So far this has included Design Engineering, Quality, Inspection, Milling, Turning and the Apprentice Training Facility (looking after the new apprentices). Maegan comments: “I particularly enjoyed my stint in Inspection and the exposure to Metrology. During my time I learnt how to design my own program for components on a CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) and saw the whole process through to the end. It was so interesting. I definitely think it’s a potential area to look at for my Year 3 specialism.”

Maegan is very grateful to Reliance for her apprenticeship opportunity. She explains: “Everyone here is so helpful and supportive. People are really approachable, no matter what their position in the business. It really is a good company to work for. Reliance genuinely cares for their employees, investing in their development and future careers. I would definitely recommend the apprenticeship scheme for anyone wanting to work in engineering. It’s a great opportunity to learn the required skills with the added benefit of being able to earn whilst you learn.”