Apprentice Case Studies

Apprenticeships at Reliance Huddersfield

Daniel Lewis

Turning Apprentice

Daniel applied for the Reliance Precision Apprenticeship Scheme whilst he was studying for his GCSEs at school. He knew he wanted a career in engineering but wasn’t keen to continue in full-time education. As a more practical, hands-on person he decided an apprenticeship might suit him better as it would provide the opportunity to build a career whilst working. He learnt about Reliance’s apprenticeship scheme from a friend who had previously undertaken a school work experience placement at the company. He then did some online research to understand more about Reliance and was fascinated with the intricate nature of the products they manufactured. He also discovered the different sectors and industries they serve and concluded this could result in a variety of interesting work. Whilst Daniel applied for a number of different company apprenticeships, the Reliance scheme was the one he really wanted.

Daniel is now in the fourth year of the apprenticeship scheme and works in the Turning department. To support his practical training, Daniel attends college for one day a week. He is now working towards a HNC qualification, having completed Level 2 and Level 3 Diplomas in Advanced Manufacturing Engineering during his first three years.

Daniel comments: “I knew during my second year that I wanted to work in Turning. I chose this department because I have always really enjoyed machining. I find it quite satisfying and I like the shorter run times – it keeps it more interesting. Reliance as a company is always developing and changing for the better. In my department there are good training opportunities. I’ve been having one-to-one training with an experienced member of the Turning team. I’m now in the process of being able to do things for myself (with assistance, if required!) and seeing the results of what I’ve been learning.”