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Reliance Precision Limited

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Reliance Launches New Manufacturing Facility

Following investment in a new low-energy engineering building, Reliance Precision has continued to expand its design and manufacturing facilities. A new assembly room, specialising in the integration of optical components and mechanical assemblies, has been brought on-line.

"We have provided precision electro-mechanical assemblies for many years and have a very extensive suite of component cleaning and clean-room assembly facilities." - notes Finance Director, Ian Walter - "Our decision to expand into electro-optic integration is the result of customers demonstrating their confidence in our quality and taking the strategic decision to outsource a broader scope of assembly work to us."

By purchasing fully tested higher level assemblies, including both optical and electro-mechanical components, equipment manufacturers can gain efficiencies in supply chain management, and also secure quality and performance improvements. Furthermore, Reliance is able to custom-design bar-coded packaging and supply assemblies directly to the customer's production line; reducing contamination risk, testing costs, and helping improve production efficiency.

The cost of quality is a critical consideration when integrating mechanics and optics; the optical devices are highly sensitive to contamination and it is essential that appropriate equipment, production methods and test facilities are in place. Reliance's new optical integration facility offers: clean-room environment to Class 10 standard, specialist adhesive handling and storage, optical inspection facilities, and in-house manufacturing of bespoke tooling and test equipment.

Reliance Precision Ltd provides design, manufacturing and test services to major equipment and systems manufacturers from industries spanning: aerospace, defence, semi-conductor and scientific instruments, and supplies custom-built precision components and intricate electro-mechanical assemblies. For companies seeking an effective manufacturing partner, Reliance is able to provide design support services, to assist with design improvements and cost reduction programmes.


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