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Design Engineering

Reliance offers a wide range of design services to support our customers during their product life cycle.  Our design team is able to undertake:

  • Projects at the initial design phase - from customers' concept ideas or specifications
  • Projects that require Design For Manufacture (DFM) assessment
  • Re-design projects to enhance a product's functionality, reduce costs, or resolve performance issues.

Our approach is collaborative; to enable our customers to retain their IPR, to stay in control, and to work with our design team on a basis to suit them. Our objective is to work as an extension to our customers' engineering teams, whether this is as part of a joint design project or working independently, against a requirement specification. Should Reliance lead the design, we operate a flexible, robust design process, in accordance with ISO9001, which provides control and visibility, allowing our customers to take part in the design review and approval process.

In addition, we offer design support advice for customers considering use of our range of standard catalogue components and assemblies, and the option to modify standard products to suit a particular customer application.

Design Diagram - Working With Reliance


Re-Design For Mature Product Lines

We offer our design service to support mature products as well as new product concepts. At maturity, when production volumes begin to decrease, undertaking a re-design programme may help achieve critical cost reduction targets, alternatively, designing in a new feature to enhance the product may increase sales and extend the life of the product. We work to support our customers’ own designs, typically where the customer retains the IPR. We are able to undertake either a standalone design project, against a requirement specification, or, to work as part of a joint design team. This may be in response to our customers having identified a requirement and triggering the design project, or where we have been part of the manufacture or assembly process over a period of time and have made a design proposal to them, e.g. having identified an opportunity to reduce costs, improve performance or serviceability.

Design For Manufacture

Design for manufacture (DFM) is increasingly recognised by our customers as an important factor in reducing a product’s through-life cost. DFM activity can reduce cost by: mitigating risk, improving yield rates, reducing part count, easing the assembly process and reducing build time, improving overall produce-ability, reducing material and treatment costs, and improving our customers’ ability to inspect, prior to use. Our design experience has been gained from direct engagement with customer applications, which means we have a thorough understanding of the practical implications of design decisions on manufacturability, and are in a unique position to help achieve the optimum solution.

Design From Concept
Or Specification

Reliance offers a complete front end service for precision mechanical engineering design, from customers’ concepts and specifications. We also help develop concepts and carry out feasibility studies as necessary, depending on the nature of the design. Whatever the preferred approach, we collaborate closely with all our customers and include them in the design review process to achieve the best quality product with the fewest design iterations, allowing products to be brought to market quickly and cost effectively. This approach also means that we are very happy to support customers’ own design programmes where they want to keep design ownership in house, but need support in a specific area such as gear or quadrupole design.