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Specialising in electro-mechanical and mechatronic sub-assemblies to provide accurate positioning and feedback for:

  • Treatment Equipment

  • Intravenous Dosing

  • Medical Testing Equipment 

  • Radiography Equipment

Scientific Instrumentation

Specialising in complete, tested, vacuum sub-systems including quadrupole mass filters, optic rails, ion optics, ion sources and detector assemblies, sample cones and extraction cones for:

  • GC Mass Spectrometers

  • LC Mass Spectrometers

  • TOF Mass Spectrometers

  • MALDI TOF Mass Spectrometers

  • ICP Mass Spectrometers

  • RGA Mass Spectrometers

  • In Vacuum XYZ Sample Introductions Systems

Laboratory Automation

Specialising in precision positioning and focusing mechanisms, motorised actuators and syringe drives for:

  • Micro Dispensing

  • XYZ Pick & Place

  • Sample Handling

  • Automated Storage Systems

  • Optical Scanning


Specialising in high performance, high reliability, mechanical and electro-mechanical sub-systems for:

  • Sighting Systems

  • Filter Mechanisms for Infra-Red & Thermal Imaging

  • Back-up Position Feedback Systems

  • Safety & Arming Mechanisms

  • Ruggedised Windscreen Wiper Mechanisms

  • IR Focusing Systems

  • Counter Measures

  • High Power Density Short Life Actuators


Specialising in high integrity, high reliability, mechanical and electro-mechanical sub-systems for:

  • Electro-Optical and Laser Systems

  • Payload Sub-Systems

  • Counter Measures

  • Surface Control Feedback & Actuation

  • Instrumentation and Feedback Systems

  • Azimuth & Elevation Control Systems

  • Positioning and Fly-by-Wire Feedback Systems

  • In-Air Refuelling

  • Cockpit Instrumentation

Unmanned Systems

Specialising in standard components, precision gears, and electro-mechanical sub-assemblies, used in commercial and homeland security applications, for:

  • Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs)

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

  • Robotics


Specialising in rotary and linear positioning systems and drive mechanisms for:

  • Focusing Mechanisms

  • Laser Beam Manipulation

  • Optic Positioning

  • Optic Mounting

Printing and Scanning

Specialising in the supply of a range of standard components and mechatronic sub-assemblies, e.g. leadscrews, racks and pinions, worms and wheels, for industrial and medical applications, such as:

  • Laser Printing

  • Inkjet Printing

  • PCB Printing

  • Medical Scanning

  • High-Quality Photo Scanning

  • Flatbed Scanners


Specialising in clean, high precision, components and assemblies, including specialist materials and coatings, for:

  • Wafer Handling

  • Wafer Production Tooling

  • Wafer Inspection Equipment

  • Heat Sinks for Ion Implantation


Specialising in high quality positioning and feedback systems for:

  • Industrial Machine Tools

  • Part Marking and Engraving

  • Cutting Machines

  • Factory Automation