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Reliance Precision Limited

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  • Reliance Company History 1955 - Present

Over 90 Years Of Precision Engineering

Reliance has a long-standing history in the supply of intricate mechanical products and specialist design and manufacturing services. Founded in 1920 as Reliance Gear Company, we are known to many of our customers for our expertise in gears and geared assemblies.

In the 1980s the company expanded into scientific instrument assembly work, investing in cleanroom capabilities together with engineering skills in research, development and test, and this has become a further core focus for the business.

After further investment and expansion the company was re-named Reliance Precision to reflect its wider scope of business and expertise.

Throughout its history Reliance has been driven by a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, which has maintained the group at the forefront of changing technologies.

The Timeline of Reliance from 1920 to the vision in 2020.