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Reliance Precision Limited

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Environmental Responsibility

Reliance takes a practical approach to its environmental management, to minimise impact and cost.

  • Our latest engineering building uses innovative insulation and energy balancing to provide 1700 m² of office space with minimal energy input used for heating.

  • Recycling is widespread, from swarf to packaging and paper to batteries.

  • Incandescent light bulbs across the factory and offices are being replaced with new LED lights, which are energy efficient and reduce electricity usage.

Although Reliance is not a high impact site, ISO 14001 is in place to effectively manage what is done and to keep up with legislation. We are proud of the lack of environmental complaints received and the absence of pollution incidents at Reliance.

Our environmental improvement strategy is reviewed twice a year in order to assess progress made in raising environmental performance. The installation of energy efficient lighting across both factory and offices is Reliance's most recent improvement. Current initiatives, established by the senior mangement team, include addressing waste from compressors and reducing the use of ozone depleting substances to zero.


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