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Case Studies

Industrialisation of a Challenging Design Concept

BAE Systems had embarked upon a highly complex project to design an aerospace mechanism of unprecedented capability. They were looking for a suitable design and manufacturing company to assist with the industrialisation of the design concept and Reliance was recommended to the project leader at BAE.


Responsive design to secure market leadership

An American company with an established, market-leading product line, used Reliance's design and prototyping capabilities to prove the sales viability of a new feature to enhance the product's performance. Reliance's responsiveness and flexibility in design approach provided an effective technical partner for the implementation of its product development strategy. 


Technical innovation to reduce costs 

A US company, starting a concept design programme for cost reduction, used Reliance's technical design capabilities to help verify its ideas for innovation. Reliance's additional capabilities in manufacturing and test provided working prototypes, tested to specification, with detailed performance data to demonstrate the in-service resilience of the design. 


Collaborate Design Approach For Product Innovation

Steeper Group, leading provider of innovative prosthetic technology products, embarked on a new product development programme. They faced the challenge of producing a commercially competitive product with the necessary functionality to enable amputees to regain normality, independence and control. The company sought the help of Reliance to provide catalogue parts for the development of their new bebionic hand.

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